About Lenore S. Davis, P.C  

Lenore S. Davis, Esq. is an attorney admitted to the bars of the State of New York and New Jersey. She has been practicing law for over twenty years.  Ms. Davis has her L.L.M. in Tax.

Ms. Davis received her BA in Business from Stern College for Women of Yeshiva University in 1986. She received her Juris Doctor from The Benjamin Cardozo School of Law in 1989 and her L.L.M. in Tax from New York Law School's Graduate Tax Program. 

Ms. Davis is a former Series 7 General Securities Representative. She worked on Wall Street for seven years. Her Wall Street experience includes commodities clerk and regulator, Mid-cap merger analyst and Vice President in Mortgage Backed securities.

It is from joining her business experience and legal experience that her practice has thrived to assist those with corporate, financial and estate planning needs.

" I love most the personal contact that I keep with all my clients. It is a lifetime relationship because estates must keep up with family changes in circumstances.  The question is not 'if' we can help, but 'how' we can help."

To contact Ms. Davis, call: (516) 569-4671, (800) 374-9657, or e-mail her at: [email protected]



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Lenore S. Davis, Esq.


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