Estate and Financial Planning / Planning for the Present and Future  
  There are three adult stages in a person's life:
  • 20-50 years old. At this stage, you have children, a home and a car, which all translates into tuition, a mortgage, car payments, outstanding student loans and support for your children. You are working your way up the corporate ladder, one wrung at a time. This stage in life eats up cash, you can't have enough of it.
  • 50-70 years old. At this stage, your children have grown, your mortgage is paid up, you might or might not have car payments, and you are still healthy and vibrant and working. You are now able to save more and maybe even vacation, and enjoy your children and grandchildren. These are the golden years. Enjoy your nest egg. Think about Long Term Care insurance.
  • 70 and up. Maybe you have retired. Health problems might be creeping up. Through prior planning you have amassed quite a nest egg, and the question now is where should the money go, how do I give my money to my children and grandchildren while avoiding the estate tax rate of 50%.

In this stage we are planning for Long Term care, Medicaid planning. Do you want the money to be used up in medical, nursing, nursing home care, or do you want your children or other loved ones or charities to enjoy it.

You are presently in control of your health care decisions and your finances. Financial and Estate Planning will ensure that you will always remain in control of these important decisions.

The Law Firm of Lenore S. Davis, P.C. provides you with information and assistance to get your present financial goals met, to plan for your future financial needs, and to ensure that you have sufficient funds for those who survive your death.

At different ages, there are different monetary requirements. The earlier you start planning, the more success you will have at meeting your financial goals for the present and for the rest of your life. It really is never too late.

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